Escape New Haven: Large Events & On-site Team Building

If you are interested in scheduling an event for groups of 36 – 60 players, we do offer a 90-minute, portable game that we can bring to your facility or venue. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request more information.

Escape New Haven 073 The large group will be separated into teams of 3-5, and these teams have to negotiate and collaborate with one another to solve problems and adapt to rapidly changing information. We are currently offering one game, “Wreck Havoc”:

Wreck Havoc“A barge carrying 1,000,000 kg of enriched uranium scheduled to be used in the world’s largest nuclear powerplant disappeared off radar early this morning. The constituent nations funding this project have assembled you, their finest naval diplomacy teams, to recover the payload.  Assemble a seaworthy ship and crew for the voyage, locate the payload, and make it back to cash in with as much as you can salvage. Good luck!”

Skills Developed: Teamwork, negotiation, adaptability, decision-making

Pricing: $1000 + $25 per player

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